Destination Guide | Tokyo Japan


Utilities will probably run at 10% of your monthly rental costs. Billing of utilities is simple to arrange. If your company is not covering the costs directly, then the easiest way to make payments is by electronic transfer from your personal bank account. Alternatively, you can take your statements to a convenience store and pay directly, as they are configured to accept payments for utilities.


Electricity costs are high in Japan compared with other countries. Therefore turn appliances off when not in use.

Tokyo Electricity


Water is reasonable in Japan and you are billed every two months.

Tokyo Water
Bureau of Waterworks Customer Center
Phone: 03-5326-1100
Application hours: 8:30-20:00 (except Sundays and holidays)


Gas is commonly used for kitchen facilities and water heating in Japan.

Tokyo Gas
Calling from fixed land lines : 0570 002211
Calling from mobile lines : 03 5722 0111