Destination Guide | Tokyo Japan

Television & Radio

All network TV is in Japanese. Some Japanese stations offer a few bilingual programs that are broadcast in both Japanese and a second language, mainly English. The original soundtrack for English shows and movies, some news programs and other foreign language programs require a bilingual model TV. There are two English radio stations: FEN Far East Network (810 AM) and Inter FM (76.1 FM); and two bilingual stations featuring a variety of contemporary and classical music: J-Wave (81.3 FM) and NHK FM (82.5 FM).

Terrestrial Digital TV Broadcasting

What is Terrestrial Digital TV Broadcasting?

Satellite and Cable

Foreign stations are available through cable or home satellite systems. HDTV (high-definition television ) broadcasting is a growing in demand. Terrestrial digital TV broadcasting is a new form of broadcasting that enables the viewer to receive better quality video and audio signals compared to conventional analog TV.

Tokyo Cable TV Companies

Minato Cable/Shinjuku Cable

It’s COM

Satellite TV companies

Sky PerfecTV