Destination Guide | Tokyo Japan

Finding a School

One of the most stressful aspects of moving to a foreign country is finding an appropriate school for your children. It needs to be done quickly, and there is no room for error. Selecting a school that caters to their current educational needs, as well as providing a suitable method of matriculation into desired tertiary education is essential. Santa Fe provides valuable information on all of the international schools in and around Greater Tokyo and Yokohama. A comparative tuition study is also supplied, so that a general overview of each school is immediately available.

The following spreadsheet offers an easy-to-use method of comparison that will allow you to narrow the scope of your search. Your selection process begins by considering your children's ages and whether you want them to attend single sex or co-educational schools. Then examine the websites of the schools you have selected.

When you have found schools meeting your criteria, we suggest the following:

If researching from overseas:

  • Search for application forms on-line, complete and submit them.
  • With the application, request additional information on the school, including tuition costs.
  • The school should then contact you to establish dialogue.
  • If you do not get a response, please contact Santa Fe Relocations for assistance.

If researching in Tokyo:

  • Using contact information on the website, make an appointment with the Admissions Director to view the school and ask questions, including clarification on tuition costs.
  • Submit applications and apply for child interviews according to the school's instructions.
  • If contact information is not available on the website, or you are not receiving a response, please contact Santa Fe and we will make the appointment for you.

Santa Fe has in-house relocation consultants that can assist you with your school search needs; from finding the school to support throughout the enrollment process.

Please give us a call at (03) 3589 6666.