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Pets in Japan

Before you move

Four-legged family members are welcome, but there are certain regulations which must be followed. If you are bringing your pet to Japan, it should be declared an "ordinary" item upon entry with you or, if unaccompanied, declared on Form C5360 or Form C53602. Regulations on the importation of pets are quite explicit and rigidly enforced. Owners must notify the animal quarantine service at least 40 days prior to arrival and provide all records of immunizations. For more information on brining a pet to Japan, please refer to the following Internet link:

On Arrival In Japan

Pets in Japan

Dogs must be registered at the local ward/city office and vaccinated against rabies within 30 days after they turn three months of age. Registration is required annually and vaccination tags must be attached to a dog's collar at all times. If a dog dies, disappears or if the owner moves notify the ward office. Remember pets are often prohibited in apartments. In some cases an extra charge will be assessed for pets.

For current information on the importation of pets, please refer to these English language websites:
Animal Quarantine Service

Links to veterinary hospitals with English information:
Akasaka Animal Hospital
Ark Animal Hospital