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Tomiko SuzukiOsaka

Tomiko Suzuki, GMS Japan

Account Manger, Relocation Services

Tomiko is from Merchant City, Osaka

Born and raised in Osaka, after graduation of college she then joined an IT company in Osaka, and gained 5 years experience as an administrative assistant. Has also lived in San Francisco, US and upon return from US, she joined Santa Fe 7 years ago. Received a Customer Service Excellence award 2010!

Natsuko SuzukiKyoto

Natsuko Suzuki Japan

Relocation Consultant, Relocation Services

Natsuko is from Ancient City, Kyoto

3 years with Santa Fe, 5 years in International Airlines and customer service. Originally from Kyoto and has been in Melbourne, Australia over 8 years. She became the most popular relocation consultant in Santa Fe Japan and was invited to the annual managers meeting in Phuket 2010 as the Runner up of Santa Fe Extra Mile award 2010.

Makiko Goto

Makiko Goto, GMS Japan

Account Manger, Relocation Services

Makiko is from the World Metropolis, Tokyo

7 years with Santa Fe, 5 years in customer service, multinational insurance corporation and she was the first winner of our Santa Fe Extra mile award back in 2006. Originally from Meguro-ku, Tokyo and has lived here for over a quarter of century except the days she has been in Philadelphia.
Makiko is very much into surfing, which she does throughout the year, and which keeps her in good shape and health!

Junko Inoue

Junko Inoue Japan

Relocation consultant, Tenancy Managements

Junko is from northern area of Japan, Yamagata!

3 years with Santa Fe and originally from Yamagata Pref., has been in Tokyo for over 20 years.
In her hometown, there is Mt. Zao, a famous skiing destination. She enjoys snowboarding in the winter!

Roppongi Hills Tokyo, Japan