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Electrical Appliances

Japan is heaven for shopping of electrical appliances. Electrical appliances discounted store chains are competing each other a lot and some stores has a policy, “If you find any cheaper price for this model at any where, we will refund the difference” so that basically, price is pretty much fixed and no need to stop by each of them and check the prices.
However, this policy is only for bland-new current model so, if you don't mind to buy one previous model, you should check the special prices at each stores.

Also, most of them pick up today or this week's special bargain items and it will be changed everyday, every week or season. If you are planning to buy something with long term view, you should keep on checking at the special items through the store flyer or website.

Also, at the most of the discounted store, they offer you to make a point card and it's point/cash back system. From next shopping, you can use the point and mostly, they calculate 1 point = 1 yen.
The point regular range is around 5%–8% and sometime they give us 15%–20% points for special campaign items so, never forget to make and bring it with you!

Akihabara, Electric Town is located eastern Tokyo and a bit far from central expat. residential area but, if you would like to buy any international model to bring back to own country, you must go and shop there. At regular electrical discounted stores are not selling international models.

Also, Akihabara is almost the only place you can bargain with big purchase to store staff directly in Japan.

The following stores are recommendable and English speaking stuff will be available.

To buy regular electrical appliances:

Bic Camera

To buy International Models

Akky International Akihabara ( Electric Town ) English Guide