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Japanese Ceremonies


Marrying a Japanese citizen does not qualify foreign citizens for Japanese citizenship, but permanent residency may be awarded to spouses. Contact Santa Fe′s Immigration department for details.

Wedding Ceremonies

The ceremonies now-a-days are more or less planed and arranged by the couples themselves in simpler styles and more modest receptions. Many couples hold their entire ceremonies in restaurants or at specialized ceremonial hall, and in such cases, the couples often engage in public declaration of their commitment to each other.
Typical expenses 2,500,000 yen to 3,500,000 yen for 100 guests in hotel, but in restaurant 1,000,000 yen to 1,500,000 yen for 50 guests.

Wedding Gift

Bringing a wedding envelope (Shugi-bukuro) with new notes (cash) inside is a common practice. The money amount depends, but normally 20,000 yen if unable to attend, 30,000 yen is generally acceptable for an adult and 50,000 yen if attended with your spouse. Recently, young couples ask attendants to share the fee of the wedding banquet and in this case, you may present a small thing to show a gesture of congratulation.

Dress Code

In Japan, men wear black suits (mostly semi-formal) with white tie, although groom wears tuxedo.

Death & Funerals in Japan

Notification of Death

When a foreign national dies in Japan, moving the remains is not allowed until you obtain a death certificate from a doctor or a formal certificate from a coroner's inquest or the police. In case of a foreigner without Japanese citizenship, you must notify the embassy of the country of the deceased. The death notification should be presented with a death certificate to the proper registry window at the office within 7 days of the death and at the same time return a foreign certificate of registration, national health insurance, or pension book to the office.

Attending a Japanese Funeral

Japanese funeral services include a gathering of intimate friends and acquaintances of the deceased for a wake to wish him good luck in the next world and burial service. Attend the ceremony in black suite without golden accessories and bring incense money (kōden) as an obituary gift about 5,000 yen. At the funeral, just follow what Japanese do.