Buy and Try in Japan:


 The first time you step out in Japan, it can be like finding yourself alone in the jungle. In this country it often happens that you find yourself in a situation where there are no signs that you can understand and no one around you can speak English. Things are definitely improving, but Japan is still not known as being an easy country for foreigners to get around. You might feel a bit like Tom Hanks in the Hollywood movie “Terminal”, alone in a world you do not know anything about. The Japanese often use the term “Galapagos” to describe how their culture has evolved separately from that of other countries, and this extends to the things in the stores too – many products and brands are unique to Japan and going to the store can be a confusing experience at first. The question then is how to survive and thrive in this world? Not to worry – Santa Fe makes it easy! Keep this handy guide with you and you will soon be shopping with as much ease as a seasoned Japanese housewife.




These pages give general information about necessities which you will have to buy for your daily life, as well as some recommendations from Santa Fe staff which will add spice to your life and pictures that you can compare with products directly.


The names of product are listed both in English and Japanese.

The products are listed by the type of store where you can buy them.


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